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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

My opinion about online casinos

First of all, I want to make it clear that this is simply my opinion about online casinos and all kinds of online gambling that these casinos carry.

Once this is clear, let's turn to the main topic that is my opinion of online casinos.
Yes, yes ... those bets so highly addictive that they ruin many people and make a lot of money to others.

No doubt, I have a strong opinion about people who both ruin themselves and those who make money.
I personally bet and won, especially in roulette, of which I will talk later about my strategy, so do not go even if you want to know what it is!

Online casinos

Online Casinos

Here are some points that explain why people lose money at online casinos.

1. They do not know how to choose the type of game to play.
2. Bet to hang out.
3. Try to recover what was lost.
4. Do not have a strategy.

The worst thing you can do in an online casino is to bet simply to have fun or to hang out. These two situations lead to the loss of money and therefore, we move to the third point that is "recover the lost", which makes you lose all the money you have left.
Therefore, the best way to make money at an online casino is by having a strategy.

But ... how can you have a strategy in a casino if they are bets?

Well, not playing any game! It is clear that if you play online slots you will never know when you are going to win the prize, so you will be tempted to luck.

In my experience, to "make sure" to win money in an online casino, you must play roulette online.

Online roulette

Now, let's talk about what is the best game for me at an online casino and the strategy I use the few times I play. It is impossible that it works at 100% and recalls that it is not an investment, but a bet, although it has a high probability of winning, specifically 66.6% for each roll.

I'm not going to walk around, so I'll tell you straight what I do.

As you know, in online roulette you can bet on color, numbers, quadrants of 12 and several more, but where you must bet to make the strategy that I do is in the columns.

The 3 elongated rows ranging from 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36.

You are paid triple your bet, so if you invest $ 1, you will win $ 3 if you hit, which makes a total of $ 2 of net profit, so the strategy is to bet on two different columns $ 1.


Row 1: 1 $
Row 2: 1 $
Row 3: 0 $

If you get row 2, congratulations! You have won 3 $, which means 1 $ of net profit and to the following you must bet like this:

Row 1: 1 $
Row 2: 0 $
Row 3: 1 $

It is simply a matter of statistics and probability.
The same if you leave row 1, you should bet on 2 and 3.

Now, if instead you have failed and row 3, you must bet like this:

Row 1: 3 $
Row 2: 3 $
Row 3: 0 $

Is row 1 or 2 coming out?
You win $ 9, so we added $ 2 wagered before and $ 6 now, a total of $ 8 wagered and $ 9 won, that is, $ 1 net profit.

Is row 3 coming out?
Next bet:

Row 1: 9 $
Row 2: 9 $
Row 3: 0 $

And so on until you hit and re-bet by 1 in 1.
This strategy has a 66.6% chance to hit, since each row is equivalent to 33.3%.
As you have seen, it is quite effective but you need enough money to triple your bets in the online casino in the event that you fail repeatedly.

As a final tip I tell you that if you plan to enter an online casino, bet with caution, since there is never a 100% chance of success.

Now tell me, have you ever played an online casino or are you planning to join some? Which RECOMMEND?
Leave your comment!

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